• Rebekah Dettmer

Am I Spiritually Healthy?

I looked at my little succulents sitting on the kitchen windowsill. Ah, so satisfying. I picked up one of the pots and to my surprise I noticed that the plant was wilting. But not only that- there were two pink blossoms at the very top of the plant. I quickly grabbed my phone and googled it. Why was my plant dying while still having gorgeous blossoms?

I came to a conclusion. I either had to grab the scissors and cut off (prune) the blossoms off, or my whole plant was at risk of dying. Making up my mind, I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off the blossoms. *gasp*. Yup, I did.

Why would I be so cruel to a helpless little plant?

First of all, it wasn’t cruelty. I realized the culprits of the plants demise were those innocent looking blossoms. Secondly, the only way that plant would revive and maybe have another chance to live was by cutting off the things that were sucking the life and nutrient out of it.

Sometimes in our lives we have a similar experience. We’re like that plant, and we have things we think we can’t live without, like those blossoms. And when we see God coming close with scissors in hand, we panic. We think we’re doomed, that God will surely destroy us this time around! And yet, we’ve got it all wrong.

God knows that the only way for us to grow and be strong is by taking out of our lives things that drain us. Things that He knows make us weak and spiritually sick. Those things seem innocent and even cute at times- but little do we know, we’re on our way to spiritual death unless He prunes us.

So what do we do? Do we resist and tell God that He hates us and that’s why He is cutting things out of our lives? Or do we submit and let Him work? The wise child of God will listen. The wise child will submit and allow Him to remove those things so we can GROW.

John 15:2 “…every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.”

Pruning might be painful for a moment but it’s the key to unlock the most growth you have ever had! Jesus wants to do a new work in us, but we have to allow Him to.

~ Rebekah Dettmer

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